Italian premium lifestyle brand SEASE, founded by Giacomo and Franco Loro Piana, unites elegance and performance in their new site, developed and designed by dAgency.

  • Creative Design
  • Development
  • Replatforming
  • UX / UI

The announcement of the launch was made via a unique interaction with ChatGPT, OpenAI's advanced language model. This novel approach allowed SEASE to simulate a conversation that could effectively convey the brand's message with a touch of creativity and modernity.

Pambianco News

The project, developed over the course of only a few months and geared towards a very specific and constantly growing community, features a highly-editorial platform constructed on Shopify Plus. The site combines the brand’s story, encapsulated in the motto “Feed your Soul”, grounded in sustainable outdoor performance wear situated in a seamless area where the brand’s semantics are effortlessly perceived and enhanced, coherently parallel to a client’s in-store experience.

Various technical features were implemented for more dynamic and fluid navigation, heightening conversion e-client localization aiding in multi-currency, multi-language SKU management that also allows for cryptocurrency payment included in a single dashboard covering numerous markets.

The project was built on SEASE’s positioning and targets, created to elevate awareness of the made-in-Italy brand through a minimal yet precise vision. The new platform is not just a shopping site, but a digital manifestation of the SEASE universe, designed to offer a user-friendly, immersive experience that reflects the brand’s ethos.