The new digital store for Mantero 1902 on Shopify combines the company’s textile expertise with the latest e-commerce technologies.

  • Creative Design
  • Development
  • Replatforming
  • Shopify Training
  • UX / UI

dAgency was able to combine design skills with the capability to manage the back-end development, creating for us a platform that responds to the briefing and takes into account the peculiarities of our reality where a company combines its one hundred year old, that of B2B, with the recent and lively soul focused on the proprietary brand and devoted to end consumers.

Francesca Tongiorgi, Brand Manager Mantero

Our consistent support has allowed the transition from fully outsourcing to fully insourcing. We have collaborated with the Mantero team, who has received training and proposals that are always updated to the latest version of Shopify 2.0.

In order to make the Company independent in the management of its e-store, an advanced management method of the metafield fields has been implemented on the product page and the creation of customizable modules under construction.

This is the origin of the two souls of the website: a more strictly commercial one with renewed UX and an institutional one with editorial pages that trace the company’s heritage and explain the processes of making their refined fabrics.

In 2022, Mantero will celebrate 120 years from its foundation and it is going to inaugurate a new digital space to showcase its products designed according to a contemporary aesthetic and a virtual place where prints and colors show all their creativity and beauty.

The result will be an innovative virtual universe for Mantero that today offers a new personalized experience full of history, the quality of the brand and its origins.

The key-points of the project:

  • transformation to functional full-insourcing, simple and aligned with the brand vision
  • perfect combination and balance between style, product and editorial contents
  • optimized and modular direct-to-consumer sections