Alce Nero

Alce Nero, a pioneer in the production of organic food, tells its story and that of its products and processing methods, through its online store.

  • Creative Design
  • Development
  • Image Coordination
  • Live Story CMS
  • UX / UI

Since 2020, we have chosen dAgency as a partner to start a digital evolution path that began with the complete review of our assets, in particular the online shop.
We immediately appreciated their rigorous working approach that allowed us to respect the release timeline, but, above all, it gave us a result that completely met our expectations as concerns the design that was interpreted consistently with the positioning of the brand, as well as efficiency and solidity of the technological solutions adopted."

Gianluca Locatelli, E-commerce Manager Alce Nero

The project, which combines digital technology and food, has achieved the main objective of the brand: integrating editorial contents with e-commerce content on a single website, elevating the product and increasing brand awareness and sales.

dAgency took care of the Tech development of e-commerce and Diana Corp., which it is a part of, collaborating with the brand in the creative direction of story-telling and product presentation in the e-store.

Made on Shopify Plus, the user experience is fluid and focuses on visual and aesthetic communication, which is a fundamental element in e-commerce strategies. The integration with Live Story, a tool for managing editorial contents, has allowed the brand to have total freedom from a creative point of view, enhancing the design created on the best practices of UX and UI.

The result is a single online destination in which all content coexists, presenting the product and the story from which it was born, communicating the identity of the brand and elevating its positioning through the values that distinguish it.


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